Everything you need for your next Open Day, right out-of-the-box!

Content managed Program information and time-tables

Fully content managed program, study area (faculties and schools), speakers / lecturers and campus facilities information, and the ability to create personalised schedules within a beautifully simple interface.

Interactive maps and navigation

Help your students and visitors find their way to their information sessions easily with the help of dynamic maps that you can manage yourself. Plot the locations of your campus facilities to allow prospective students to navigate easily via the map pin-drop functionality.

Personalised schedule planner on web and mobile

Prospective students can browser and create personalised schedules and plans for their visit to your Open Day, including setting preferred timings, selecting campuses and gaining access to building and room information.

Now with Google Maps and Floorplans


Our Open Day apps now include Google Map integration for students to be able to navigate around your campus with ease. Once they find a building, they can use the integrated Floorplans to locate specific rooms within the building.


Web planner features

Sessions, Study areas and Session Types

  • Fully content managed website and mobile app
  • Website with event information and event schedule or planner
  • Session information
  • Session location (buildings and room information)
  • Session types can be managed (unlimited)
  • Session streams or study areas

Search, filter and sort sessions

  • Sessions can be searched or filtered
  • Filter alphabetically or by time
  • Students can add session durations to their calendar
  • Session durations are fully content managed
  • Support for multiple durations per session
  • Full session detail support, with Session modal, incorporating presenter information, building location, session image and durations.

Create and save personalised schedules

  • Students can save their personalised planner and create an account within the system
  • Students can create unique plans per campus
  • View building location information on Google Maps
  • Saved personalised schedules can be accessed through “My Schedules” in the associated Open Day event app
  • All Session, Study area and other open day content is available instantly in the mobile apps.

O-tix delivers The University of Queensland Open Day App

O-tix delivered a complete Open Day planner and mobile app platform for UQ’s 2015 Open Days at their Gatton and St Lucia campus. To find out how it went and see what O-tix can do for your University, please complete the registration form below.

Mobile Open Day apps

Beautiful, hand designed, mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • We custom design the apps for your university, including
    • Homepage
    • Walkthrough pages (x4)
    • Splash screen
    • App icon
    • App submission assets
  • The applications are completely white-labelled and will be lodged under the name of your own university or educational institution
  • Beautiful, high resolution retina assets, icons and imagery

Feature packed and completely managed

  • Completely integrated with the Web Schedule Planner
  • Students can login with the same account they create online
  • Their saved schedules are visible in the app immediately after logging in
  • Students can also register via the app, and create their personalized schedules in app directly
  • Fully content managed, including Session information, Study areas, Session types, Session durations, Locations (Buildings or areas), Rooms, Speakers or presenter information

Location finder, navigation, personalised schedules and more!

  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Students can find their way across campus using the integrated “Take me there” functionality
  • Display rooms and floor-plans within the app, so that students can navigate directly to the room where their next session is taking place
  • Students receive notifications before their sessions begin
  • Locations include rooms, so that students can search for a location and then look up the rooms in that location

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