How it all started


O-tix began life as a product under iData Group Pty. Ltd. and still is a trading name used by the company. Founded by Stewart Buchanan in early 2011, iData Group served the events and exhibitions industry in Australia providing research and data-capture services for some of the largest events and organisers.

In 2011, collaborating with Fabian Rebeiro, iData Group began work on O-tix – what we envisioned would be a platform that would revolutionise the events and exhibitions industry by focusing on creating better outcomes through transactions and ROI metrics in new and better ways.

After over 2 years of development and countless hours refining, testing, developing and re-testing – O-tix Gen1 was launched in early 2014 as managed marketplace application for event organisers. We continued to develop the initiative creating a completely SaaS core platform as our Gen 2 product which was focussed initially on ticketing, registration and data capture.  Launched in 2015, we have seen over 50 events run through the platform including conferences, exhibitions and University Open Days.

With robust testing of the core application complete including the integrated smartphone and table applications, our future focus is on bringing new features and enhancements to the platform designed to deliver more ROI to our customers and theirs.

The company today


O-tix is still a relatively small team – but it is powered by passionate individuals who know the technology and events industries very well.

Our ethos is to build great technology solutions that solve problems and create opportunities for our clients. Our roots are grounded in research and the craving to create outcomes that are driven by actual market needs. This is what drives us to develop continuously improving products and solutions for our customers.



With offices in Melbourne and in Shanghai, O-tix is ready to take our product into Australia and Greater China and we look forward to collaborating with your business.  Talk to us today, we’re keen to grow our offering and are flexible in putting together great deals where we see opportunities for further partnership and mutual growth.

More than just ticket sales and registration

O-tix is an event technology platform that offers organisers much more…

More data

We wanted to make it easier to capture more data, of better quality, than ever before.

Find out how it works
More Control

We give organisers and exhibitors total control over their events and data.

Get full control over your events.

More opportunities

We enable organisers to take their events omni-channel and open up sales and engagement opportunities on the web, mobile and on-site.

Go Omni-channel with O-tix



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