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The ‘Conference Badge’ ticket design template is especially designed for conference delegates. It is designed to sit inside a clear plastic sleeve that hangs around the neck with a lanyard (commonly seen at conferences and conventions) . This ticket design displays the ticket QR code, attendee name and ticket type on one side, and additional information on the back side.


This can be done by changing your ticket design template from the default basic option to the conference badge option (refer to the image below).


Download an Example of a Printed Default Conference Badge


O-tix can supply the card stock that goes with this template, which works with a printer that has an adjustable feed tray (most do). The card stock costs AUD$350 per 1000 tickets + shipping.


The alternative is for you to create custom badges. Custom badges allow you to include any information about the customer on the actual ticket. The process for this is outlined below:

1. Your event MUST be setup as “Registration per ticket” on the event design page


2. Create your ticket type

  • Set the ticket design as basic ticket type


  • When a customer makes a purchase, they receive this basic ticket design and bring this with them to the event
  • At the event, the basic ticket is swapped out for their custom designed conference badge (at your staffed box office area)


3. Create your custom badge design

  • Export all registered attendees (Click the ‘Registered attendees’ button from your dashboard, then click ‘Actions’, then click ‘Export all registered customers’)



  • Export all ticket QR codes (from your dashboard, click ‘Attendee Management’, click ‘Download Attendee Codes’ and save the file in the same place as the file from the previous step)


  • Using a mail merge (example using MSWord & MS Excel), use the Ticket ID as a common identifier to bring together both the customer’s registered information, and the corresponding QR code for that customer (the QR code file name is the customer’s ticket ID). Alternatively you could provide these assets to a designer who could do this process in software such as Adobe Illustrator.


  • Print the customers tickets and bring on-site, so that when they bring their basic printout (from their initial transaction), it can be swapped for the conference badge at your event box office.


NOTE: When using this approach we recommend closing off online sales within enough time of the event (perhaps 1 day at minimum), to allow you to manage this process and print all conference badges sold to date.


For onsite sales, we recommend the following setup to get visitors through as quickly as possible:

1. Create a batch of on-site tickets (e.g. if you expect 1,000 on-site sales you might create 2,000 on-site tickets to be safe)

2. Print the tickets in advance to fit your conference badge holders (i.e. take to a graphic designer and provide necessary specifications, making sure to mail merge in the QR code + Ticket ID for each ticket). Note that the tickets would only have a barcode at this point in time and no customer information.

3. If you require personal details of each person that purchases a ticket on-site then:

  • At the box office, setup iPad’s at each window with O-tix’s Check-in App, and set in kiosk mode.
  • For each on-site purchase, take a blank ticket, scan on the iPad and capture the customer’s answers to registration questions (have them complete and save their details on the iPad – this is what ‘kiosk’ mode does)
  • Collect payment for ticket
  • Provide customer with that ticket
  • Repeat as necessary for subsequent customers


4. If you do not require person details then you can skip step 3 and simply sell the customer the ticket to gain entry.

5. If it is absolutely critical to get customer information on the badges sold on-site, then in the above process you could add a step where the box office attendant accesses the customer’s registration entry once they have saved it (from your O-tix dashboard) and uses those details to either write or print labels that stick onto the blank ticket. Note that this would add considerable time to the on-site purchase process so wherever possible we recommend avoiding this process.