03 Nov New in O-tix – November 2016

It has been a very busy week for the team at O-tix with a range of new features and improvements coming to the platform. With each refinement, we make running events in on the platform even easier, so you can sell more tickets and collect more data.

O-tix Event Data Capture

The era of Data Driven Events has arrived.

We know how important it is to capture your customers’ information at every possible opportunity, which is why our mantra of ‘Data Driven Events’ powers everything we do.

A major issue regarding data capture for consumer events and exhibitions is the data lost due to unregistered visitors. When a customer purchases multiple tickets to an exhibition, in most cases you’re only capturing the registration information of the main ticket purchaser, but what about the other two or three tickets that have been purchased? who are these visitors? what are their preferences and drivers? and how do you begin to capture their data to maximise the return on investment for your event?

O-tix addresses all of these issues through a unique and revolutionary technology called 1Pass.

1Pass is a unique QR code technology that allows Organisers to capture data not only from the main ticket purchaser, but from all visitors attending the event. Combining multiple registration touch-points, online and off-line.

  • Tickets can be shared to friends and family via email and sms and require a registration to access and download the ticket
  • O-tix provides organisers with a free on-site registration app, O-tix Check-In, with Kiosk Mode, to drive registrations of previously un-registered attendees
  • O-tix Capture, our innovative Data Capture app will automatically register attendees if they’re un-registered, before capturing their data.

By providing organisers with multiple avenues to capture data we are able to increase data-capture conversion from 12% to up to 85% of total visitors, giving a much stronger data asset for marketing future events and driving more value for your exhibitors and sponsors.

More about the O-tix Capture app

More customisation options

In order for you to accept more registrations and sell more tickets we have added in some great new customisation options for your event page.

We know that not everyone wants to push users to “Buy Tickets” which is why we now leave this messaging in your hands. If you would rather entice your users with “Register Now” or “Find out more” you can update the “Buy Tickets” button with your own text.

Studying our ticket buyers’ behaviour has yielded some really interesting results and we are constantly finding new ways to make the experience better for purchasers. Our research has shown that one of the most important things a purchaser looks for is the event date, so we have made this a key feature in the header of your event page. Not only have we moved it to a more noticeable position, but we have also give you, the organiser, the freedom to change how it reads.

More about Event Page Customisation

Ticket Options is creating new opportunities for organisers

With more and more organisers making use of our Ticket Options feature, we have added in quick access table so that managing these is faster than ever. O-tix handles more than just entry to an event, and Ticket Options adds potential for more revenue and more data capture.

Find out more about how Ticket Options is generating big wins for organisers such as the RSPCA in O-tix. 

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