Adding custom tracking codes to your event page

31 Jan Adding custom tracking codes to your event page

Modern digital tracking platforms require a snippet of code to be placed on a website in order for them to be effective.

In most cases this snippet has to be places in one of three sections:

  • In the HEAD html tag
  • At the beginning of the BODY html tag
  • At the end of the BODY html tag

You can place your code directly into one of these places through the Event Dashboard

Getting started with it

You can access this feature by clicking the “Custom Tracking Code” button under the Tracking section, located on the Event Dashboard within the Reporting and Data Capture tab.  

This will open up a popup window, If you have a custom tracking code that you would like added to your event page, you may add it here.

Once you have added the code, click ‘Save Changes’ and it will be applied to your event page.

Managing it

Follow the instructions from your tracking provider to ensure you place the code in the correct box below, and be sure to copy and paste the exact code provided.

NOTE: Once aded in, please run a test using your tracking code provider and contact us if you have any issues.

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