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About This Project



Multi-channel white-labelled website and apps

Omnyfy is a true multi-channel event app solution. We include a full event website in addition to the event app with our packages. So why include a website when all you need is an event app? Well consider that a significant portion of the visitor’s engagement with the event takes place online. Granted that every organiser already has their own event website, however with Omnyfy, we’ve created a web solution that mimics the capabilities of the app so that at any time, users can choose which channel they want to engage with (and feel comfortable with), without the need to be forced into using only a specific channel.

Users can easily move from mobile to web to mobile without any disruption to the user flow. All registrations on the event apps or website, are reflected across all channels. This is critical when adopting a true omni-channel approach to events, and with Omnyfy, this is included at no additional cost.


Omni-Channel solution