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agIdeas International Design Week

About This Project


Project Overview

O-tix Research were tasked with designing, executing, analysing and reporting on all of the 2013 agIdeas conference events. Broadly, the goal of the project was to facilitate future strategy and tactics, marketing strategy and performance measurement for key stakeholders. More specifically, O-tix set about identifying and prioritising satisfaction drivers, measuring satisfaction levels across a range of metrics, establishing benchmarks against the competitive market, measuring the performance of sales and marketing activity and identifying areas for improvement.


Through the implementation of their research tools and analytical techniques, O-tix were able to deliver more than 50 unique insights and ideas to the agIdeas team and assisted them in laying the foundations for future event strategy. Some insights delivered by this project include:

  • Identification of an extremely high net promoter score (high attendee propensity to recommend the conference) which was instrumental in marketing strategy development
  • Identification of key drivers of attendance which contributed to resource planning and marketing communication decisions
  • A segmentation analysis that clearly identifies different media consumption habits across key groups of attendees
  • Identification of the presenters that were most resonant with the audience (on relevance and quality), assisting the organiser with bookings and scheduling for future events
  • Many high level satisfaction statistics were generated, providing the organiser with content useful for promotional activity
  • Identification of the most effective elements of the marketing campaign


It was incredibly valuable working with O-tix. They were very through in their approach to our event. They took considerable time to understand the program and the strategic needs. They added insight that would have been difficult to achieve from the inside. Their process was streamlined and efficient and produced invaluable feedback. Their commitment to developing insights, and assisting us to review our event for future programming was exceptional. I wish we had done this earlier.

– Kristin McCourtie

Manager and Director, Design Foundation

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We design, administer and manage high quality surveys, leveraging your existing exhibitor and visitor databases.

Gap Analysis

From a strategic point of view, one of the most powerful insights an event organiser can establish is what motivates their visitors and/or exhibitors to participate in their event. Gap analysis helps understand the variation between expectation and reality.

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Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, skilled minds and a passion for creating commercial outcomes for customers, Omnyfy offers a wide range of options for gathering and tracking customer insights.

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