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Moreton Hire

About This Project


Project Overview

O-tix Research was tasked with conducting an in-depth and ongoing tracking study on the Moreton Hire customer database. Moreton Hire is an event hire service company, whose primary customers are made up of exhibitors and event organisers. Broadly, the goal of the project was to inform future strategic and tactical product and service decisions through a better understanding of their customer drivers.

Key areas the project focused on were determining satisfaction levels across range of metrics, identifying and prioritising drivers of customer satisfaction, providing benchmarks for Moreton Hire against the competitive market, measuring the performance of sales and marketing activity and identify areas for improvement.


O-tix took a two stage approach with this project. Stage one was a qualitative study designed to frame the question sets to be used for the ongoing tracking study. The second stage was the quantitative tracking survey which was designed to weight and prioritise the factors identified in the qualitative research.


O-tix was able to deliver a monthly dynamic report detailing analytics such as:

  • Customer profiling metrics (geographic/demographic etc.)
  • Competitive positioning maps to illustrate any threats
  • Profiling of the customer purchasing model including stand planning and purchase timeframes, identification of customer segments with the greatest level of purchasing authority, customer spend on events and frequency of participation (or organisation) of events
  • Customer satisfaction metrics including a gap analysis detailing the importance of various factors when selecting an exhibition hire service company versus respondents’ satisfaction with Moreton Hire delivery on those factors
  • Extensive marketing profiling including an insight into customer attitudes and pain points, media preferences, factors affecting the choice of event hire companies and website usage behaviour

O-tix supplied Moreton Hire with an ongoing monthly summary of the above metrics, comparing Moreton Hire’s most recent month’s customers against the larger majority of respondents. The comparison was used for trend analysis and was an important tool to safeguard against any unexpected changes in visitor sentiment or wider fluctuations in the event hire industry.

Survey Design

We design, administer and manage high quality surveys, leveraging your existing exhibitor and visitor databases.

Gap Analysis

From a strategic point of view, one of the most powerful insights an event organiser can establish is what motivates their visitors and/or exhibitors to participate in their event. Gap analysis helps understand the variation between expectation and reality.

Customer insight research

Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, skilled minds and a passion for creating commercial outcomes for customers, Omnyfy offers a wide range of options for gathering and tracking customer insights.

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