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About This Project


Allow your exhibitors to showcase their products and services, and offer them for sale directly through the app itself

Product pages are designed to highlight the product’s information, price and imagery. With the ability to also support reviews, ratings, brochures, enquiries and in-app purchases, the product capability is one of the stand-out features of our Consumer App.

Advance M-Commerce Features

Omnyfy brings powerful M-Commerce features to event apps, allowing organisers and exhibitors to create highly dynamic offers, specials and deals to app users. Below is a list of capabilities of Omnyfy’s Product Engine.

  • Product information such as name, pricing, special pricing, discounts and description
  • Minimum Order quantities
  • Bundle product offers
  • Tier pricing offers (eg. buy 10 for $20, buy 15 for $18)
  • Shopping Cart Pricing discounts
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Buy X get Y free
  • Buy X get more of X free
  • Get free products based on products purchased
  • Credit Card checkout or Account PIN checkout

Product types

  • Simple products
  • Configurable products
  • Bundle products

Listing types

  • Purchasable product (a product that you can buy)
  • Lead type product (a product that an attendee or customer can only enquire about)





Commerce & Leads