Simple event check-in and Access Control

Need to check-in attendees and control area access? simple – Omnyfy provides you with a mobile Check-In solution to scan and validate tickets and also secure specific areas of your event based on ticket types.


The Check-in App

Access to your event is controlled through the free O-tix Check-in App which can be downloaded onto any iOS device.  Simply download the app from the App Store to your Phone or Tablet (or you can rent them from us), login, select your event and turn on the ticket types that you would like to scan and validate.

The Check-in App is simple to use and has a range of handy features like:

  • Validation of individual ticket types
  • Scanning of pre-event or onsite tickets / registrations
  • In-app search and visibility of all ticket holders and their attendance status
  • Kiosk-Mode for onsite registration of walk-up and unregistered ticket holders

How it works

Visitor tickets are simply scanned on entry with the tickets that they purchase online or onsite all encrypted with both QR Codes and Ticket ID making it impossible to counterfeit tickets. The Check-In application validates the ticket and flags the ticket as a Checked-In Attendee. The Check-In status are immediately synchronised online and can also be monitored using O-tix dashboard.

Visitors or Attendees can be filtered and sorted and even searched, to find and check-in specific attendees.

Fully Synchronised Visibility

The Check-in App synchronises with the system in real time (when not running in offline mode) which means you can centrally track your attendees quickly through the registration dashboard.   Quickly check the status of individual attendees with search capable of finding them by name, email, customer ID and Ticket ID.

Tab between reports with visibility on:

  • All attendees
  • Registered attendees
  • Onsite registrations
  • No shows
  • Unregistered tickets
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