Amplify Onsite Data Capture

O-tix Capture is an on-site data-capture system that is fully integrated with O-tix ticketing, to drive more data to organisers, exhibitors and sponsors

Why use O-tix Capture?


Percentage of registered ticket holders without O-tix Capture

Most consumer events only capture about 10-12.5% of total attendees.


Percentage of registered ticket holders using O-tix Capture

Omnyfy Capture can increase that amount up to 60% of event attendees for Conusmer events

A new revenue stream

Exhibitors and sponsors pay for, and create their own data capture forms to capture leads or run competitions on-site at the event, creating new revenue streams for event organisers.

Increase visitor registrations

Visitors can register online when they purchase tickets. Unregistered ticket holders or on-site ticket purchasers can now register on-site using the integrated O-tix Check-In App.

Exhibitors and Sponsors capture thousands of leads

Visitors walk around the event scanning their ticket on exhibitor and sponsor stands to instantly enter competitions, exchange details, request more information or complete enquiry forms.


Touch > Scan > Go

Using O-tix Capture is easy – Visitors simply touch the screen to begin, scan their ticket, answer the exhibitor or sponsor’s questions or data-capture forms, and submit.


There is no need to enter their registration details each time, at every exhibitor’s stands.

Data is secured, synchronised and delivered instantly to the Exhibitors.

Would you like to see O-tix Capture in action? Drop us a line and we’ll organise a demo.