Tools and features to help you sell more

Promotional codes, advanced pricing discounts and soon, integration with Facebook, sharing incentives and more, to help you get your event out there, and attract more attendees.

Promo codes

Promo codes are a great way to drive registrations and provide exclusive benefits to your different sponsor and customer groups.  O-tix delivers a whole range of promo code options and features with the flexibility you need to take advantage of the marketing opportunities the present themselves for your event.  Use the promo codes feature to deliver database acquisition from sponsor and exhibitor lists, drive early registrations and ticket  sales with options like:

  • Usage quotas
  • Limited time validity
  • % off ticket price
  • % off total purchase
  • $Discount of ticket price
  • Get Free ticket
  • Get Complimentary ticket
  • Show hidden tickets

Support for Single and Multi-Use codes

O-tix supports the creation of both Single and Multi-Use code providing organisers with the ability to limit the use of promo codes to the target customers and protecting ticket revenue.

Multi-use codes can be applied multiple times, but can be limited by date and quantity meaning they are applied with precision to drive the right number of sales and registrations, at the right time (earlybird sales, for example).

Single Use Codes are unique codes generated by the system and can be exported in a CSV file to be mail merged onto internal and sponsor databases.  This means they are only able to be used by the intended customers reducing revenue loss, and ensuring maximum ROI for organisers.

Re-marketing to abandoned registrants

You’ve done the hard work in getting the potential visitor to begin registering, but what if they abandon part the way through?  These are likely to be strong prospects but how do you identify them and re-market to them?  With O-tix it’s easy.

O-tix automatically identifies these customers and gives you the opportunity to send them a re-engagement email instantly bringing them back into the sales channel helping you drive more sales and registrations.

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