Online and On-site registration

Custom registration forms or survey questions for your event, with the ability to also register attendees on-site.


Custom registration forms

Quickly create detailed Survey or ticket registration forms using out simple, click-to-add form builder.
O-tix includes a variety of commonly used fields as well as the ability to create custom fields such as:

  • Dropdowns with single and multiple selection
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Single line text fields
  • Multi line text fields
  • Date selectors
  • Time selectors
  • Auto complete Location selection with Google Address validation
  • Opt-In
  • File-Upload fields

O-tix registration also support customisable validation to ensure that your data is as accurate as it can be.

Brilliantly simple drag and drop interface

Creating complex registration forms with O-tix is a breeze with our intuitive click and drag interface.   Simply click to add the fields that you want, and drag and drop to organise your form.


O-tix also supports in-form separators, headings and text to ensure that you make it as easy as possible to organise and design your registration forms.


Leverage your  registration data for sponsor and exhibitor lead generation

O-tix’s unique data-sharing engine allows your sponsors and exhibitors to generate leads onsite directly from your registered attendees. They simply download the O-tix Capture application to their tablets and phones and scan visitor tickets and badges to access their registration data.  They can even create their own custom questionnaires to undertake research and qualify their leads. Learn more about O-tix Capture by clicking here.

Track all of your registrations with instant reporting

Track your attendees quickly and simply through the registration dashboard that provides instant visibility on all attendees, registered attendees, onsite registrations, no shows and unregistered tickets. Quickly check the status of individual attendees with search capable of finding them by name, email, customer ID and Ticket ID.


Re-market to abandoned ticket purchases

O-tix allows you to re-market and send reminder notifications to visitors who may have abandoned their ticket purchase. As soon as the visitors enter their name and email address, O-tix captures and stores the visitor’s registration. If they don’t complete the ticket purchase, organisers can view the incomplete registration list and follow up with e-mail notifications or promo code offers.

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