Complete control over your event tickets

Create almost any kind of ticket for your event, with total control over sales timeframes, validity, pricing, access control, content and design.

Ticket Types

Every event is different, and every event’s ticketing needs are different. This is why, with O-tix, you can create almost any type of ticket you want.

  • Validity: Set your ticket validity by date ranges, specific dates, multiple dates and even by the number of visits.
  • Pricing: Our transparent pricing engine shows you exactly how much your visitors will pay, how much fees are payable and how much you will earn. You can also choose to simply pass fees on to your visitor (you can set full fee, provider fees, transaction fee or even set a specific fee amount yourself).
  • Tax management: Set your ticket prices including or excluding taxes and let O-tix’s pricing engine take care of the tax calculations for you.
  • Purchase limits: Set quantity and rules for minimum and maximum purchases allowed.
  • Ticket Sales time frames: Create early bird or special tickets with fixed start and end sales dates.
  • Create onsite tickets: On-site tickets are not visible to online ticket purchasers, and can be used to generate tickets for sale at your box office.


If you can think it up, O-tix can most likely handle it. Create advanced tickets with multi-purchase discounts, promo code support and support for multiple currencies.

Options include:

  • Free or paid tickets
  • Tax inclusive or exclusive
  • Fees inclusive or exclusive (provider and/or transaction fees)
  • Multi-purchase discounts
  • Promo Code % or $ discount on individual tickets or basket

Promo Codes

O-tix offers event organisers the ability to create unlimited promo codes to help drive ticket sales. Our promo codes engine is highly sophisticated and combines with our pricing engine to offer unprecented control over your event marketing needs.

  • O-tix has support for both Single and Multi-Use promo codes
  • Discounting methods for
    • (%) percent off  ticket prices
    • (%) percent off total basket
    • ($) dollar value off total basket
    • Hidden tickets
    • Complimentary tickets
  • Track and report on promo code usage
  • View which promo codes are driving the most ticket sales

Ticket Options

Ticket options allow organisers to create more complex, rich events with more in-event activities and streams for their visitors to attend. Ever consider having free and paid sessions at your event with options for additional upgrades, one-on-one sessions with VIP guests or a drive in that exclusive motorcar?

Well with ticket options, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your next event.

O-tix enables event organisers to create a range of different ticket options including:

  • Standard Ticket Options – ideally suited for merchandise, product upgrades, add-ons, clothing sizes etc.
  • Session Ticket Options – suited for session selection (Date and Time)

All ticket Options have the following features

  • Can be free or paid
  • Can be linked to multiple tickets
  • Can be Categorised or Grouped
  • Supports quantity limits and slots (for ticket options), making it ideally suited for theatrical productions, festivals, seminars or conferences with limited seating and multiple tickets
  • Supports Option Rules to set minimum and maximum options per ticket purchased
  • Supports Option Questions – where organisers can ask additional qualifying questions based on the ticket option that the visitor has selected
  • Supports descriptions and imagery

Ticket Groups

O-tix allows you to group various ticket types to make it easier for customers to make their selections. You can create unlimited number of groups according to your event needs.

Custom Ticket Design

With O-tix, you can create unique ticket designs for different ticket types such as VIP tickets, Advance purchase tickets, tear-off tickets, and badges for onsite printing. You can also add on sponsor logos and information on your tickets using our easy to use WYSIWYG editor.  If you need something specific – just ask our customer support team and we’ll create a new template for you!

Customisable Registration Forms and Surveys

Drive data-capture and learnings about your attendees by asking targeted, branched logic questions. Access a wider range of responses from your attendees by tailoring your registration or survey questions based on ticket type.

For more information on our class-leading registration capabilities, click here.

On-site Box Office Tickets

O-tix enables organisers to generate and create thousands of QR ticket codes which can be printed on hard-copy tickets for sale on-site. This enables on-site registration of visitors, and the ability to drive significantly larger volumes of visitor registration data, especially from previously un-registered visitors.

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

O-tix’s innovative, yet simple dashboard keeps you informed on the up-to-the-minute sales of your tickets. See who has registered and who hasn’t, track Check-In’s using the free Check-In app.

For more information on our sales reporting click here.

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