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O-tix has real-time reporting on sales, earnings, registrations, promo code redemptions and donations.

Access crucial information quickly from the dashboard

From the dashboard you can instantly view sales of individual ticket types and promo code redemptions in real-time for up-to-date campaign tracking. Download reports on ticket sales activity, earnings, registrations, promo code redemptions, and donations.

Manage Individual Enquiries Quickly and Easily

Manage individual ticket enquiries quickly with a sales report searchable by name, email, biller ID or transaction ID. View and edit customer details, transaction details, regenerate and re-send lost tickets and invoices instantly – even refunds can be issued at the touch of a button.


Optimise you marketing campaigns by tracking promo code redemptions with an instant view and downloadable report available detailing the number of redemptions, code, offer type and individual visitors that have used the code.


Track your attendees quickly and simply through the registration dashboard that provides instant visibility on all attendees, registered attendees, onsite registrations, no shows and unregistered tickets. Quickly check the status of individual attendees with search capable of finding them by name, email, customer ID and Ticket ID.

Instant reporting and access to sales information

O-tix’s innovative, yet simple dashboard keeps you informed on the up-to-the-minute sales of your tickets. See who has registered and who hasn’t, track Check-In’s using the free Check-In app.

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